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Award Winners

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Award-Winning Corporate Calendars

Our advertising calendars continue to pick up awards both in the UK and across the world. Flagship calendar design 'Ethos' has three awards under its belt, proving the motivational title packed full of inspirational quotes and iconic imagery is a winner when it comes to promoting business brands. Ethos won the Best Corporate B2B Calendar Award in the Contemporary section at The Calies and gold two years running in Best Scenic Calendar in the World Calendar Awards. Deep Blue holds an award from the annual 'Calies' - National Calendar Awards in the Wildlife section, where this enticing calendar demonstrates content worthy of every office wall or desk. This stunning calendar also scooped two awards in the World Calendar Awards - Silver for Best Scenic Calendar and Gold for Best Animal/Wildlife Calendar. The Iconic Structures calendar soared to new heights also winning in the Contemporary section at The Calies for its innovative architectural content.

Colin Prior Elementals was awarded a Gold Award in the World Calendar Awards for Best Scenic Photography, featuring photos from renowned Scottish landscape photographer Colin Prior where he explores his relationship with the elements.

Interactive wall calendars continue to top the bill, having won a tremendous nine awards. These trailblazing titles won a Solutions Award, for the 'Solutions for Innovation' category. Other awards collected for interactive calendars, include four World Calendar Awards, a Promotional Gift Award, an Innovation Excellence Award and two National Calendar Awards at The Calies.

Also in the innovative and artistic arena, glamour title 'Natural Contrasts' scooped 'Best Corporate (B2B) Special Interest or Humour Calendar' in previous Calies awards. The judges noted how the imagery stood out from the competition, with Mick Payton's sleek black and white photography translating the form of the female body into a tasteful and compelling calendar.

Award winning titles continue to be developed across the range, with subject matter varying from scenic to wildlife, ensuring there is something for every customer's interest.

Top Selling Calendars

Some of the most popular calendars from our collection.